Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Raheem Sterling transfer news

Patrick Vieira has offered the strongest indication yet his Manchester City bosses are ready to make another bid for Raheem Sterling.

Liverpool are bracing themselves for a third offer, of around £50m, within the next few days for their brilliant young forward, which would make him the most expensive 20-year-old in history.
Raheem Sterling transfer news
City's football development executive Vieira has lavished praise on England star Sterling and insisted the Etihad club are right to be interested, even at that price.

"If he is in the market, not just City would be interested in him. I think if you go down and ask 10 people what they think about him, I think nine would give you a positive answer.

"I would be part of the nine people because he's shown how good he is, how well he's been doing at Liverpool," Vieira told ESPN FC at an event in New York.
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