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Juventus vs Monaco 15 April 2015

Champions League / Knockout stage - 1/4 finals
Date: Wednesday 15 April 2015
Stadium: Juventus Stadium
Sportsbliz -  Upcoming Games Juventus vs Monaco in the quarter-final champions league in 2015, will take place on April 15, 2015 in the Juventus Stadium. As the only representative of the Serie A, Juventus certainly want to win the match counter AS Monaco this time. Acting as host to the first leg of this, of course Bianconerri want to achieve perfect points with a good aggregate goals, so when playing in the 2nd leg later, Juventus have enough stock when I had come to the headquarters of the French League representatives.
Juventus vs Monaco 15 April 2015
Img via JuventusFC
Head to Head Juventus vs Monaco
07/01/09 Juve 1-1 Monaco*(win)
Juventus Form
w 22/03 Juve 1-0 Genoa
w 10/03 Juve 1-0 Sassuo.
l 06/03 Juve 1-2 Fior.
w 25/02 Juve 2-1 Boruss.
w 21/02 Juve 2-1 Atal.
AS Monaco Form
w 22/03 Reims   1-3 Monaco
w 08/03 Evian   1-3 Monaco
l 05/03 PSG     2-0 Monaco
w 26/02 Arsenal 1-3 Monaco
w 21/02 Nice    0-1 Monaco

Sportsbliz says: 2-1

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