Monday, 2 February 2015

Theo Walcott Transfer News

Arsenal forward Theo Walcott has claimed that the transfer point in time day is one amongst the foremost "stressful times" for footballers.

The England international same that the spectacle is enjoyed by the supporters, however the players area unit unable to completely specialize in their soccer if they're subject of a deal between 2 clubs late on within the window.
Theo Walcott  Transfer News
Walcott is quoted as saying by The Mirror: "I are going to be observance Sky Sports and seeing all the rumours. however it's most likely one amongst the foremost disagreeable times for a player.

"I am certain plenty of individuals fancy observance that however it's therefore disagreeable for players as a result of you may be going somewhere one minute so elsewhere ensuing.

"We area unit talking concerning some people's careers."

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